Cut-To-Length Lines

Precise profile and scratch-free destacking


Cut-to-length lines from KOHLER take the strip material from the coiler, level it and cut the material to length with millimeter accuracy according to specifications. Downstream stacking lines take care of scratch-free stacking .

We design our cut-to-length lines to suit your specific needs. Modern central control and monitoring systems are also available.


KOHLER cut-to-length lines can be combined with various stacking lines and shears:

  • Magnetic strip stacker, vacuum belt stacker, brush roller stacker
  • Cropping shears, cut-to-length shears, swiveling shears

robatherm GmbH + Co. KG: Customer-Specific Configuration for Batch Size 1

Premium supplier for aerospace systems opts for a combined cut-to-length and slitting line from KOHLER


robatherm GmbH + Co. KG can now take a more flexible and efficient approach to its customers' requirements thanks to the line from KOHLER designed for batch sizes of 1. From the coil loading chair and double-sided decoiler for short set-up times, the 17-roller leveler with advanced cleaning and quick-change device to the cut-to-length and slitting shears, the line is designed for maximum production efficiency.


Combined Cut-To-Length and Slitting Line

from KOHLER in use at robatherm

Cut-To-Length Lines for Edging Profile Manufacturer

From the coil to the leveled, perforated, and edge-finished blank


Automated production solutions are more important than ever for flexible, economical leveling technology for sheet and strip processing – as edging profile manufacturer SCHRAG Kantprofile GmbH knows with its numerous custom solutions. Such lines should be space saving, largely automated, and low maintenance.


SCHRAG has managed this at its Heilbronn branch in Kirchardt-Berwangen where KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH from Lahr has impressed with their vast expertise in plant engineering and an automated strip feeding line with 

  • Coiler
  • Leveling technology
  • Stamping technology
  • Shears 

Thanks to KOHLER, SCHRAG has made significant headway toward Industry 4.0.