High quality and reliable over the long term


KOHLER produces high-quality, durable shear systems for numerous applications and a range of material grades with up to 60 strokes per minute.

Our shear systems include:

  • Cropping shears for cropping the strip beginning or end
  • Cut-to-length shears for cutting across the strip
  • Swiveling shears for cutting blanks with varying cutting angles




Cropping Shears

Clean cuts at the strip beginning or end


Cropping shears are used to cut across strip beginnings and ends that are incorrectly sized, damaged, or dirty.


The cropping shears offered by KOHLER come in a range of versions to suit your needs, thereby increasing the quality of the strip that is actually processed.

Cut-To-Length Shears

Dimensionally stable blanks from the strip


The high-performance cut-to-length shears from KOHLER cut dimensionally stable blanks from the leveled strip at a speed of up to 60 strokes per minute. Automatic adjustment of the cutting angle, cutting gap and stroke rate ensures excellent cutting accuracy and, depending on the material, exact dimensional accuracy for strips up to 2100 mm wide and up to 10 mm thick.

Swiveling Shears

Cutting blanks 


Swiveling shears are used to cut trapezoidal or rhombus-shaped blanks. Use of special-purpose tools make curved cuts possible. 

Other Components