Strip Feeding Lines

It's all about the leveling quality.

KOHLER develops and manufactures strip feeding lines to suit your exact needs in all areas of sheet metal working. In-depth advice from our experienced specialists ensures that your strip feeding line meets all your needs.

Our machines are designed for leveling precision and long-term efficiency. With our proven leveling technology, you can achieve optimum leveling results while reducing operating and maintenance costs.


We make ongoing investments in the development of our lines and components. Our advances set standards in leveling technology. So in most cases we abandon the usual cardan shafts in our precision levelling machines and instead use modern direct drives for the levelling rollers. This lowers maintenance and operating cost and increases the levelling range while at the same time allowing gentle processing of material surfaces.


Industrial companies from a wide range of fields use strip feeding lines from KOHLER, such as the automotive industry, suppliers, warehouse technology, hardware industry, electronics industry, and steel service centers.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum leveling precision that you can count on for a range of materials
  • High productivity
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs


Our product portfolio includes strip feeding lines:

  • With a compact or standard design
  • That can be extended with camber leveler units
  • For strip widths of 35 mm to 2,100 mm
  • For strip thicknesses of 0.1 mm to 12 mm.


Designed to suit your application as a:

  • Strip feeding line
  • Cut-to-length line
  • Rewinding machine

Strip Feeding Lines

To suit your exact needs


Designed for your production process, from coil handling to the roller feeder: The reliable strip feeding lines in compact or standard design from KOHLER ensure optimally leveled strips for further processing by presses and automatic stamping machines. And our drive concept leads to significant cost reduction in operation.

Cut-To-Length Lines

Precise profile cut and scratch-free destacking


Cut-to-length lines from KOHLER level strip material from the coil, cut it to length, and stack it to millimeter accuracy.