Contract Leveling at KOHLER

Extremely precise leveling without owning a leveler


If you have small batches, fluctuating order levels, or low utilization, it is not usually worth investing in your own leveler. Instead, contract leveling at KOHLER provides the solution you need.


Your benefits:


  • Leveling of material up to 2,500 mm wide and up to 40 mm thick
  • Extensive and customized service: from assistance with carrying out your own leveling to processing the entire order for you including transport
  • Quick order processing and strict adherence to deadlines
  • State-of-the-art machine fleet equipped with the latest Peak Performer part leveling machines
  • Optimum leveling results even for perforated sheets or parts with tricky geometries
  • Quality assurance with 2.5D laser measuring machine and logging of the leveling results
  • Experienced, professional personnel
Leveling Center

Tension in the ice channel - but not in the material

KOHLER levels Sled parts for use by the German Skeleton team


High-tech equipment for German top-class sport is the specialty of FES, the German institute for research and development of sports equipment. This is where equipment including sleds for the German skeleton team are built. Precision and quality are decisive when competing. Working together with its technology partner, FES developed the individual sleds that saw the German “Skeletoni” team race to several medals at the 2021 World Championships.


The frame of the skeleton sled consists of several longitudinal and transverse struts, as well as base panels. These parts are leveled in the KOHLER Leveling Center before assembly to meet the high requirements for straightness and accuracy, and to eliminate tension in the material.

Contract Leveling Even for Heavy Sheets up to 40 mm

Level heavy sheets with millimeter precision with the Peak Performer part leveling machine


The machines in the KOHLER leveling center can handle a wide range of sheet thicknesses. Thick sheets or part blanks up to 40 mm thick can be leveled for you as reliably and precisely as sheets as thin as 0.2 mm.

Here's What One of Our Customers has to Say

Excellent quality and reliability


“As one of the most well-known German valve manufacturers, we have to provide our customers with top-quality products. One of the reasons why our valves boast lasting functionality and leak tightness is the leveled slide and housing plates, which KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH helps us produce. The precise leveling results and short processing and lead times meet our high quality standards. We really value the reliability and partnership we have with KOHLER.”


MARTIN LOHSE GmbH / Maschinenbau Lohse GmbH
Dietmar Warnke, Technical CEO 

Leveling Perforated Sheets

Optimum results thanks to part leveling machine with roller bending


When it comes to edge or center waves on perforated sheets, the KOHLER Peak Performer part leveling machine is the ideal solution with its millimeter-precise adjustable roller bending. Leveling rollers that are specifically raised at the center or edge reliably remove edge or center waves, ensuring level, stress-free sheets.