Our Mission Statement:



Our mission is to help you succeed

KOHLER stands for innovation, partnership, and trust. As the technical market leader in the field of leveling technology, we impress our customers with innovative, high quality products and unparalleled service. Our mission is to help you succeed.


Our vision: leveling technology of the highest standard

KOHLER offers its customers tailor-made machines and lines for every task based on a flexible modular system. Optimum solutions of the highest standard are the norm at KOHLER. Our highly qualified, innovative KOHLER employees are ready and willing to help you optimize your production process.


Our philosophy: quality of the highest level

KOHLER focuses on quality and professional project execution – from advice by Sales, the design process, purchasing, our in-house production and assembly through to delivery and commissioning. All products are developed and manufactured with great care at our site in Lahr. "Made in Germany" quality and innovative force are what make us who we are.

Shared values

guide us into the future.


We take the initiative, act with foresight, and align ourselves with our goals, react with flexibility to external influences, make informed decisions, and take responsibility. We define our future.



Everything we do has to provide value for the customer. We are constantly striving to understand the needs of our customers and to make our decisions based on those needs.



We are open to new things and want to grow. We have the courage to tolerate mistakes and uncer tainty and accept them as par t of the development process.



We are responsible for building personal credibility and trust-based relationships. Trust can be earned, it is gained through character and competence.


Everyone deser ves to be appreciated for who they are. We don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Our appreciation is expressed in the language we use and the decisions we make.


We are honest with our words and transparent in our actions. We keep an open mind when confronted with different perspectives, ideas and suggestions.


We believe that we can achieve more together, than any of us could individually.