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Spotlight on the efficiency and productivity of your sheet metal processing


Leveling technology is KOHLER's core area of expertise. With almost six decades of experience, we supply reliable and precise levelers, feed leveling machines, and camber leveling units which ensure a high level of efficiency and productivity for your sheet metal processes. Our specialists provide detailed advice so you can invest in the right machine for your needs.

Precision Leveling Machines

The heart of every strip leveling line


As the leader in leveling technology, KOHLER develops and produces precision leveling machines for strip leveling lines which deliver optimum leveling results over the long term. Depending on the equipment required, your KOHLER leveler may feature:


  • 9/21 leveling rollers for ultimate leveling precision
  • Hard chrome coated leveling rollers
  • Intermediate rollers
  • Roller bending for correcting edge and center waves
  • Advanced cleaning and quick-change device

All of which ensures gentle processing, even of delicate materials.

Feed Leveling Machine

Precisely leveled – precisely timed


Feed leveling machines from KOHLER feed the strip with precision timing into the press or stamping machine – including in zig-zag operation if required. Feed leveling machines are ideal for compact strip leveling lines. As there is no loop, these require less space.


The compact feed leveling machine for the compact strip feeding line developed by KOHLER has generously sized supporting rollers which optimize the force flow and thus the output range. The direct drive of the leveling rollers increases the leveling area while consuming less energy. The top roller frame can be swiveled up by 35° thus facilitating access to the leveling rollers and making them quick and easy to clean, maintain, and remove.


KOHLER's feed leveling machines process sheets:

  • With strip thicknesses of 0.5 to 8 mm
  • With strip widths of 100 mm to 1,300 mm
  • At up to 80 strokes per minute (product-dependent)

Camber Leveling Units

Reliably remove cambers in slit strips due to rolling errors


Camber leveling units from KOHLER reliably and precisely remove camber errors. As a pioneer in the field of camber leveling units, KOHLER can provide custom solutions at the highest technical level.

Other Components