Coil Handling

Your requirements and spatial conditions determine the choice of coil handling system:


KOHLER's product range includes coil loading chairs for movable coilers and coil loading cars for fixed coilers.


With a strip width of up to 2,100 mm, KOHLER's coil loading chairs have a load capacity of up to 35 t. On request, we can design and produce systems for the multiple supply of coils. 

Coil handling at Blickle Räder+Rollen

Blickle uses a stationary coil loading chair


Our customer Blickle uses a stationary coil loading chair. It can be moved up and down by 700 mm in order to load coils weighing up to 8,000 kg on the mandrel of the movable coiler. The coil support of the loading chair has been shaped as a prism. To stabilize very narrow coils, KOHLER has also adopted plug-in tilt protection devices. The video shows how easy coil handling runs at Blickle.

Other Components