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We are pioneers and technology leaders in innovative leveling technology.


KOHLER develops and produces part leveling machines and strip feeding lines for presses and automatic stamping machines, as well as cut-to-length lines, for steel service centers, mechanical engineering firms, and for the automotive industry. The KOHLER product range offers optimum solutions from individual machines to linked and automated production lines.


Our headquarters and production facility are located in Lahr in southern Germany, with further sites for sales and service in Shanghai, China, Moscow, Russia and Salt Lake City, USA. KOHLER employs 115 people and has successfully completed more than 6,700 reference projects around the world over almost 60 years.

We level sheets under contract and perform leveling trials in our fully equipped, state-of-the-art leveling center. We give our customers individual support and advice and will always find a customized solution to meet their needs.

As the technology leader we set standards in the industry through innovative solutions, such as trendsetting drive concepts or by dispensing with hydraulic systems on our part leveling machines. Levelers from KOHLER produce optimum leveling results that increase sheet-metal processing quality and productivity.

Highly productive and consistently reliable machines from KOHLER provide for consistent cost-effectiveness over the long term.

Thus, coupled with their excellent energy efficiency, KOHLER's part leveling machines play an active role in saving resources in industrial sheet metal processing.


As the leading name on the market, we are focused on development and project management to meet the needs of our customers, always with the aim of working together in a reliable, long-term partnership.


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Find out what makes us who we are!


KOHLER was founded almost 60 years ago and has been shaping the industry for decades with numerous leveling technology innovations.

Key milestones in our history

1963: Company is founded by Waltraud and Franz Kohler

1970: First leveler for stamped workpieces

1980: The company becomes one of the leading manufacturers of levelers

1990: Large levelers and line technology for the steel and automotive industry

2000: Portfolio is extended to include long part production and custom lines

2009: Patent for a changing cassette arrangement for a leveler

2011: Becomes part of WINTERSTEIGER AG, Austria

2012: New development: the hydraulic-free "Peak Performer" part leveling machine

2012: Patent for electromechanical leveling gap control without hydraulics for part leveling machines

2014: New company headquarters in Lahr: 9,500 m² of production space; 29,000 m² of factory space; 50,000 m² premises

2014: New sales and service site in Shanghai, China

2016: Launch of the servomotor-driven coiler mandrel expansion

2017: Use of direct drives for leveling rollers

2018: New sales and service site in Moscow, Russia

2018: Patent for reversible leveling rollers for part leveling machines

2018: Launch of economical compact strip feeding line

Information about Wintersteiger


Wintersteiger AG is an international machinery and plant engineering group. Founded in 1953, it has gradually established itself as a leading provider of innovative solutions for customers in technically sophisticated niche markets.


The business fields of the company consist of:

    Turnkey solutions for plant breeding and research
  • SPORTS: 
    One-stop supplier for ski and snowboard rental and servicing
    Systems for hygienic drying of sports goods and work clothes
    Custom solutions for feet
    Process solutions for precision thin-cutting, wood repairs and cosmetics
    Saw blades for wood, food, and metal
    Machines for mobile and stationary sawmills
    Plants and automation solutions
  • METALS: 
    Leveling technology machines and systems 


Wintersteiger is the world market leader in its SEEDMECH, SPORTS and WOODTECH business fields. The group delivers to no fewer than 130 countries from its headquarters in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria, and via 15 subsidiaries and 60 representative offices. Wintersteiger has more than 1000 employees worldwide. For more information, please visit www.wintersteiger.com.


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