Electromechanical Leveling Gap Control

Always the best leveling result


The electromechanical leveling gap control ensures greater efficiency, performance, and precision. This development, patented by KOHLER, replaces conventional hydraulic systems. It converts electrical energy directly into mechanical motion, guaranteeing optimum leveling results, even for complex parts that are made of high-strength materials and have variable profiles.

Vaněk Maschinenbau Relies on Precise Leveling Results – and a KOHLER Part Leveling Machine

The company, based in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, manufactures a broad range of products for its customers from sheet metal.


Company owner Jiří Vaněk is impressed with his investment in a KOHLER Peak Performer part leveling machine:

“It has already become clear that investing in modern leveling technology from KOHLER was the right decision to make. We are now perfectly equipped for whatever the future holds.” 

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