Quicker Setting Thanks to Easy Operation

Intuitive user guidance with Expert Calculation


The Expert Calculation System from KOHLER makes it easier and quicker to set the part leveling machine for the material in question.


The calculation module with intelligent user interface to pre-calculate the roller frame adjustment offers suggestions for the roller frame setting based on the material data for the relevant material. Once the material type, sheet thickness, yield point, and required degree of plastification have been entered, the roller frame position is calculated.


The input limits are monitored by the system and limited accordingly. Manual readjustments can be made to further optimize the leveling results. The machine operator can save selected settings and call them up again later with the user-friendly control system. The most recent settings are automatically saved by the system as a history and can therefore be reproduced at any time to optimize the process further.


The Peak Performer part leveling machines come with a high-resolution, multi-touch display with excellent color depth as standard features.

Machine Highlights