Vaněk Expands Machine Park with a Part Leveling Machine


The Czech company recently started using a KOHLER Peak Performer. Vaněk Engineering, based in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, manufactures a broad range of products for its customers from sheet metal.


The company recently invested in a KOHLER Peak Performer part leveling machine, allowing it to meet the increased quality requirements of its customers. The product portfolio of the medium-sized company includes machine enclosures, doors, gates, ventilation components, and components for the automotive industry. Faced with increasingly exacting quality requirements from its customers, Vaněk decided to purchase a Peak Performer 50P.1600 part leveling machine, thus giving the company a strong edge over its competitors.


“A KOHLER part leveling machine starts to pay you back as soon as you switch it on,”


says CEO and owner Jiří Vaněk. The machine is capable of precisely leveling sheet metal with a profile of up to 10,000 mm² and part blanks up to a thickness of 16 mm, allowing Vaněk to immediately increase the quality of the components produced while also boosting efficiency. The use of low-tension and level sheets reduces the amount of time-consuming manual reworking required during downstream processes, such as robot welding and assembly.



No hydraulics and low-maintenance


From Vaněk's point of view, another significant advantage is the servo electronic machine concept of the KOHLER Peak Performer, which does not use any hydraulic systems and is thus very low-maintenance. What's more, the advanced cleaning system allows the leveling rollers and supporting rollers to be cleaned quickly and easily, even by the machine operator – just one more way in which the part leveling machine delivers greater efficiency savings. Jiří Vaněk is also pleased with the electromechanical leveling gap control, which keeps the leveling gap constant and also helps to ensure optimum leveling results, even for complex parts with variable profiles.


The CEO is impressed:


“It has already become clear that investing in modern leveling technology from KOHLER was the right decision to make. We are now perfectly equipped for whatever the future holds.”

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