Worth It on Every Level! Contract Leveling at the KOHLER Leveling Center


Extremely precise leveling without owning a leveler: Contract leveling at KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH in Lahr (Baden-Württemberg), Germany, is the efficient alternative to buying a machine outright. This service from KOHLER promises maximum leveling quality, quick and flexible processing, and partnership-focused customer service.


Level and low-tension sheets and part blanks play an essential role in delivering high quality standards and customer satisfaction in the sheet-metal working industry. Assembly and welding processes run more efficiently and have better results when precisely leveled materials are used. Bending processes on sheet metal benders are performed with a higher level of repeatability. Time-consuming manual reworking becomes a thing of the past, creating a reproducible production process.


Reliable and high-quality part leveling machines from KOHLER enable these industry requirements to be met. However, if the batches to be leveled are too small or the order levels fluctuate too greatly to warrant a company investing in its own leveling technology, this is where contract leveling at the KOHLER leveling center comes into play. Experienced personnel perform a variety of leveling tasks on ultra-modern Peak Performer part leveling machines as part of this service.


“We approach the customer.”


“We approach the customer and work with them to find out how we can best support them with our contract leveling service,”


explains Natascha Elender, who is responsible for the planning and commercial processing of the contract leveling orders in the Service department, referring to KOHLER's motto for contract leveling. The first step for the employees in the Service department is to set the wheels in motion by commissioning reliable logistics partners to transport the materials to be leveled from the customer's site to Lahr and back, if this is required. Short turnaround times are also often involved, as the ultimate goal is to keep the customer's production processes running by strictly adhering to deadlines. It goes without saying that KOHLER also provides a comprehensive and flexible service to customers who organize their own transport or want to have their own personnel perform the leveling on the machines.


Timo Spraul is in charge of contract leveling in the hall housing the machines. He learned his trade from scratch on KOHLER part leveling machines and has amassed over ten years' experience in leveling. This experience is particularly valuable, as the contract leveling tasks at KOHLER vary greatly, from the material being leveled to the dimensions and batch sizes.



Optimum leveling quality even with perforated sheets


The team in the KOHLER leveling center always finds a solution for providing optimally leveled material to the customer, for example perforated sheets with edge or center waves. The millimeter-precise, adjustable roller bending of the Peak Performer is the only reliable solution that delivers here. Even on difficult materials, the leveling rollers, which are lifted at the edge or in the center, produce precisely level results.




Satisfied customers in all sectors


Just like its sales arm for levelers, KOHLER's contract leveling business also serves a range of commercial customers requiring precisely leveled sheet metal or part blanks for production, including those in the different metalworking sectors, mechanical and agricultural mechanical engineering, the automotive supply industry, or specialists like wind turbine and cable car manufacturers. There is also call for KOHLER's leveling technology in the electronics industry: a batch of components for smartphone production was recently leveled at the KOHLER site in Shanghai.


KOHLER's German and international customers alike are overwhelmingly positive about the service and quality of the contract leveling division.


Dietmar Warnke, Technical CEO of MARTIN LOHSE GmbH, sums up his experiences:


As one of the most well-known German valve manufacturers, we have to provide our customers with top-quality products. One of the reasons why our valves boast lasting functionality and leak tightness is the leveled slide and housing plates, which KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH helps us produce. The precise leveling results and short processing and lead times meet our high quality standards. We really value the reliability and partnership we have with KOHLER.”