The fineblanking specialist has already ordered a second strip leveling line


Swiss Feinstanz AG once again turns to KOHLER when investing in a new strip feeding line. The line fulfills the particularly high demands for precision and quality in relation to the production of fineblanked and formed components.


“Our KOHLER machines level more precisely than any other lines on the market,”
says Marco Gmür, Head of Production at Feinstanz AG in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland – and he certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to precision.


In the upper reaches of Lake Zürich, just an hour to the south-east of Zürich itself, is the headquarters of the leading specialists in fineblanking and forming technology. Customers across the entire world are supplied from here – with products that are all about precision. The wide range of products offered by Feinstanz AG comprises fineblanking and forming components, as well as components with teeth and customer-specific solutions for complete assemblies. Buyers of Feinstanz products include big names in the automobile and commercial vehicle industries, the furniture industry, mechanical engineering, building and ventilation technology, the electrical appliances industry, equipment and conveying technology, and agricultural engineering.


A distinctive feature of forming technology for blanking – and therefore Feinstanz AG products – is the extremely high precision of the components. This means that special requirements are fulfilled on the cut surfaces, including elevated levels of clean shear of up to 100%.


Perfect support


Marco Gmür adds:

We achieve a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to the comprehensive degree of support at an early stage and then over the entire course of the project.”

This was the level of service that Gmür was expecting when it came to investing in a new strip leveling line.


“We received the best-possible advice and support from KOHLER in the design and specification of our line. They were competent, objective and, best of all, they had a professional outlook in terms of further refinements.”


With cutting-edge hydraulic fineblanking presses in the range of 100 to 700 tons, Feinstanz AG produces complex, ultra-precise fineblanked and formed components made from various materials. Before these can be fed into the hydraulic presses, it is essential to level the coiled material. The quality of the end products depends on the precision with which the material is initially leveled by the strip feeding line.


This is why Feinstanz has been using a strip leveling line from KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH in Lahr since 2017. The second line, which was commissioned in mid-2018, has allowed production capacity to be increased in Rapperswil-Jona.