Peak Performer Part Leveling Machine Is a Hit at Liebherr



A part leveling machine from KOHLER has impressed one of the world's largest construction machinery manufacturers with its performance and efficiency.

A Peak Performer part leveling machine from KOHLER has been in operation at Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH since 2018, where it delivers level and low-stress steel blanks. The machine completely fulfills the expectations of the Liebherr experts, who are more than happy with their decision to purchase from KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH.


Everyone has seen the impressive, traditionally yellow, earth-moving machines emblazoned with the name "Liebherr" – wheeled and crawler excavators, duty cycle crawler cranes, deep foundation machines, crawler tractors and crawler loaders, pipe layers, telescopic handlers, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, material handlers... In fact, it is impossible to imagine a construction site without them. Hans Liebherr founded the company in 1949 and today, just 70 years later, not only is Liebherr one of the biggest construction machinery manufacturers in the world, but the company is also successful in a number of other industries. The exceptionally wide product range – which now covers 11 business fields that Liebherr has developed on its own – is the result of gradual evolution.


Around 46,000 people work for the family-run group across more than 130 companies at sites on every continent. At the company's very first site, in Kirchdorf an der Iller, situated between Lake Constance and Ulm, Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH manufactures an extensive range of high-quality hydraulic excavators, articulated dump trucks, and material handlers. This is where steel construction takes on a strategically important role.



KOHLER impresses with the Peak Performer


“We also need to make sure that our steel blanks, some of which are large and solid, are exactly level and low stress, to maintain the high quality standards of our products,”
explains Stefan Richter, Head of Steel Construction at Liebherr.


Working with Project Manager Torben Handeck, who is in charge of programming and welding technology in the Steel Construction department, Stefan Richter's set about finding a powerful, reliable, and economical part leveling machine. As the Liebherr Group's very first site, they were ideally suited to directly compare the Peak Performer part leveling machine from KOHLER with competitor machines – and were very impressed with the results. According to Stefan Richter, the decision, in which not just management but also machine operators and technicians from both the Steel Construction department and the Maintenance department were involved, was not taken lightly. Dr. Hans-Peter Laubscher, Managing Director of Sales at KOHLER recalls:
“They really grilled us. We discussed every single detail of the machine and gave a demonstration in our leveling center by carrying out different leveling trials.”


After intensive discussions with all decision-makers, a unanimous decision was made in favor of a type 120P Peak Performer part leveling machine with an advanced cleaning system.


“We have now been using the machine for a year and we are very pleased,” states Torben Handeck.