KOHLER News Isssue 32


Find out why our international customers rely on leveling technology from KOHLER in our latest issue.


  • Highest precision leveling for dairy and brewery technology.

    Leveling machines have two functions: they level and relieve stress from sheet metal parts. For tank builder Mueller in Groenlo, the removal of unevenness is

    of particular importance. For this task, Mueller now uses a Peak Performer electromechanical precision leveling machine from KOHLER, which was supplied by HEVAMI Oppervlaktetechniek. The exact same machine is also installed at Paul Mueller Company, the parent company in the United States.


  • Trendsetter 2023: servomotor-driven expansion of coiler mandrel.

    More and more companies are turning to the hydraulics-

    free solution from KOHLER, for a continuous top quality production.

    Previously, expanding coiler mandrels for securing the coil were usually actuated hydraulically; KOHLER can now also provide this important function as servomotor.


  • KOHLER services for the entire lifetime of the machine.

    KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH not only makes high-quality strip leveling lines and

    part leveling machines, the company also offers a wide range of services – for new

    and old lines. The number one priority for the machine manufacturer is always

    measurable added value for customers – regardless of whether commissioning,

    maintenance, diagnostics, repair, supplying spare parts, or retrofitting are involved.

    There is a well-trained and qualified service team at various KOHLER sites to ensure

    customer satisfaction around the globe.


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KOHLER News Edition 32